Environment – climate

Patagonia is an immense, long region furthermore of 1000km from north to south. It is a country of lakes, abrupt mountains, forests. While in the extreme South,  climatic conditions are rude, the North benefits from a moderate climate, ideal for a luxuriant vegetation along streams to grow:  forests of beeches, cypress, bamboo, fuchsias …

The prevailing wind blows East/West, in the direction of rivers, so the windy days allow all the same to go fly fishing.

The fishing period lasts approximately six months, from October till April, during the warm season; the average temperatures are of 18°C approximately, with warmer period between December and March. Solar cream with maximal protection is deeply recommended.

You will not be bothered with troops of mosquitoes or black flies and will not have to dread the disturbing presence of a grizzly bear in your back. It will rather be massive sedges hatches or you perhaps will be lucky to see puma’s prints by the river shore.