To avoid  problems due to transportation, everything is included in our package: rods, reels, float-tube…

For fly fishing, we provide a great selection of the best JMC rods and reels, adapted for line 4 to 11 :JMC Ruby 8’6, 9′, 9’6, JMC Excellence 8’6, 9’6,  Elite Salmon 13′ etc…

For spinning, you will have the privilege to fish with incredible custom hand made rods: MHX blanks, fuji rod guides…

In your suitcase, you shall not forget:

  • Waders
  • Wading shoes
  • Waterproof fishing jacket
  • Softshell
  • Polarized sunglasses
  • Hat or cap

Even in north Patagonia, the climate can be rude, so good technical fishing equipment is important.

For spinning fishing we recommend minnow imitations (2-3 inches), spinners N°3 or 4 (blue is efficient). Smith lures offer the perfect range for fishing in patagonian rivers: D contact, D direct, AR-HD minnow, DD panish for big rivers and some Deka Bokun, GF80, very effcient for king salmon.

Some of the good flies to get are ear’s hear, prince nymph, dragon-fly imitations, bugs, grasshoppers, tchernobyl’s ant and streamers : wooly bugger, zonkers, leech etc…Don’t be afraid to come with large flies, patagonian trouts love them

I use the Bestard Canyon Guide model canyoning shoes and highly recommend them : comfortable, light, easy to use and with a very good grip. I used them for two full seasons and they are still impeccable.